We’ve seen an influx in calls over the last few weeks as a result of the recent storms in our area.  All the rain brought numerous leaky roofs and basement flooding claims, but we also received a call for wind damage when a tree fell onto a home in Sanford.  Luckily for the homeowner, the deck sustained the bulk of the damage, but the emergency service call found a split in one of the roof’s beams and hole in the roof that resulted in water damage in the living room.  Our crew spent the afternoon first securing the deck and then tarping the hole in the roof.  Then we shifted the focus to the water damage inside the house.  After moving the furniture around, we pulled up the carpet and set up drying equipment.

It doesn’t take too much wind to cause trees to fall when yards become saturated with the amount of rainfall we saw a few weeks ago, but as we head into the winter months, weather again can play a big role in fallen trees and limbs.  Now is a great time to walk around your home to see if you have any limbs that hang over your home.  Ice accumulation during the winter can easily break limbs which could damage your home.  Trim these limbs and have any dead trees removed to help protect your home for the coming months.