Why You Need a Restoration Professional for Specialty Damage

by | Aug 23, 2021 | Specialty Damage

Homes and businesses are vulnerable to numerous unique problems that are best handled by a specialty damage restoration contractor. Whether it’s a construction defect causing water intrusion, water damage that occurs during construction, a vehicle running through a home or business, or damage caused by vandals, creative solutions are required to secure the property, prevent further damage, and restore it back to pre-loss condition.


When unusual property damage occurs, it’s best to have a restoration professional involved in the project who’s experienced in working with insurance carriers and adjusters. Typically, there are multiple parties involved in a specialty damage insurance claim, which means multiple insurance carriers and coverage types are at play. The responsible party’s liability insurance will cover some, or all, of the damages, depending on the cost of repairs and the coverage limit. Sometimes that coverage is not enough to cover all expenses, so the property owner’s insurance coverage will kick in to cover the rest. Sometimes, a tenant’s property is damaged, and their business insurance or contents insurance will cover their damages.

Minimize Loss

When a business is affected by something like a vehicle running through the building, a restoration professional can work with the business owner to find creative solutions to minimize the company’s loss of revenue. While most businesses have business interruption coverage, the restoration professional works to make sure the company’s downtime is minimized so they can continue to serve their customers while keeping the claim cost low. Some creative solutions involve building secure and temporary entrances into the building or setting up containment to keep the work area separated from the retail or office space so the business can remain operational during restoration work.

Timing & the Right Tools

A quick response to specialty damage is essential to ensure that building occupants are not in danger from collapsing debris and materials or injury from shattered glass. Restoration professionals are equipped with the tools and materials necessary to mitigate further damage and build temporary solutions that ensure building occupants are safe and able to resume normal operations as soon as possible.