It looks like we could have another stormy afternoon and evening in store for us tonight. We shouldn’t see as much rain as we saw last week as the first Tropical Storm of the season passed through the state, but strong winds and hail could be likely.

Although we can’t prevent storm damage to our homes caused directly by mother nature, there are a few simple steps we can all do to try to protect our homes from indirect damage.

First, check your gutters, downspouts and drainage lines. Make sure they are free of debris and water can easily flow away from your house. PHC Restoration saw several instances of water damage to homes last week that were not covered by insurance that resulted from water seeping into the home because it wasn’t able to drain away from the home.

Next, check the trees that are near your home. Remove any dead limbs or have professionals remove any tree limbs that hang directly over your home. Strong winds can cause these limbs to break off and could result in damage to your home or other structures around your property.

Finally, be sure to secure any outdoor furniture or yard décor as strong winds can blow them around and again could cause damage to your property.

If your home does suffer storm damage, it is important to protect your home from further damage. PHC offers 24 hour emergency services which includes board up/cover up, water extraction and temporary repairs. Give us a call if you need assistance.