How to avoid laundry room flooding

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Flood Damage

When was the last time you checked your washing machine hose for possible aging and leaks?  Water supply lines for washing machines are often made of rubber or plastic so they don’t rust, but they can deteriorate over time.  It’s important to replace these lines if you find any bubbles, cracks, blisters, or tears. Water supply lines can be replaced with stainless steel options or newer plastic and rubber lines.  

Placement of your washer and dryer appliances is also important when preventing flood damage.  Always keep your washing machine away from the wall to allow room for the water supply lines to flow.  Pushing your washing machine against the wall can cause these lines to kink and burst or leak.  

Laundry drains can also get backed up from debris and if there is a blockage it can cause flooding quickly.  Laundry drains are usually located with the supply lines. Emptying your drain filter frequently can avoid blockage and save your laundry room from a large flood.

It is important to review your appliance owner’s manuals and see how often the manufacturer suggests servicing your machines. Performing regularly scheduled maintenance on your washing machine and dryer can help catch issues related to parts before water damage occurs.

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