One morning last week, I found Josh conducting a furniture restoration demonstration with the contents team in the warehouse.  We had several clients’ tables and chairs that sustained water damage after the flooding from Hurricane Matthew.  As you can see from the picture above, there was a visible water line but the overall condition of the furniture did not warrant a refinishing of the piece.  Josh demonstrated how a couple of wood cleaning and conditioning agents along with steel wool is able to restore the furniture back to pre-loss condition.

We work with and around homeowners contents everyday.  While sometimes a chair is just a chair and a blanket is just a blanket, these items could be a most cherished possession, a one of a kind item, a family heirloom, or a priceless antique of the homeowners.  This is why during the restoration process, we take great care when packing, cleaning and returning contents.  While aren’t able to fully restore every item especially those that sustained fire damage, we restore each item as throughly as possible because as Josh stated last week, we do not always know which pieces mean more than others.

PHC Restoration uses a combination of hand cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning during the contents restoration process.  Let us take care of your contents if your home suffers a fire or water loss.

contents cleaning