Certification and qualification logosDo you know who to call to restore your home after it has suffered damage resulting from fire, water or storm winds?  Not everyone knows a restoration company to call right away.  Most people rely on referrals from friends or family members.  Some people ask their insurance agent or adjuster who they should contact.  But how do you know which company is right for you?

Speaking as a one time insurance adjuster, I’ve seen the restoration industry change a lot over the last 15 years.  Competition is greater.  New restoration companies are moving into the area each year.  Insurance carriers now have preferred vendor lists with restoration companies awarded jobs on a rotational schedule.  So, how do you decide who to contact after a loss if you’re given a list of companies from your insurance agent, another list from the adjuster or if you are told that your carrier has a vendor list and a company will come out to inspect your damage?

My suggestion to you is to do your research and ask questions.  It is important to note that you as the homeowner can hire the company you want to do the repairs.  The restoration company does not have to be on a vendor list and it doesn’t have to be one that your adjuster prefers to work with.  It is your home that is being repaired and you need to be comfortable with the company you select.  Usually, the restoration company and the adjuster compare estimates before repairs begin to make sure the same damage is scoped and the flooring allowances are the same; so you do not need to worry about the estimates.  Go online and research restoration companies and check their qualifications.  Ask for references and talk to the project manager, operations manager or owner to find out what you should expect during the restoration process.  Your home is one of the largest investments you will make, so if a disaster damages it, hire the company that you feel most comfortable with to do the repairs.