Can my wet hardwood floors be saved?

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Water Damage

Our home is usually the largest investment we make in our lifetime.  Whether we custom build or buy a house, we spend time selecting furnishings, floor coverings and finishes that make the home ours.  Many of us will spend a little extra to upgrade our flooring from carpet or laminate to hardwood because of the look, ease of maintaining and added value it brings. But what happens when these floors get wet or flooded from broken water line?  Are we out thousands of dollars it will cost to replace the flooring or for our insurance company to repair, sand and refinish?  While in the past it was deemed almost impossible to save wet hardwood floors, technology today gives restoration companies new ways to dry and save wet hardwood flooring.

PHC Restoration works hard to dry hardwood floors if we are called and can arrive on site before the floors have begun to buckle.  We use Injectidry floor drying system to try to dry wet hardwood floors.  The system uses Vac-It Panels/Mats to help reduce cupping and draw out moisture that can be deeply embedded under the floor and in padding.  These mats are taped into place and a high vacuum blower is hooked to lines attached to mats pulling out moisture and drawing dry air into the flooring crevices.  With proper monitoring, this system can dry out most flooring in 2-6 days.

As with any water loss, quick action and response can help minimize the size and complexity of the damage.  If you notice or experience water damage to your hardwood floors, give PHC a call as quickly as possible and let our water restoration experts work to try and save your wet hardwood floors.