Water damage can strike your home at any time as a result of a broken water pipe, a malfunction of an appliance or a blocked drain.  Regardless of the cause, a quick response is needed to protect you and your home from additional damage and prevent the growth of mold or mildew.  Here are some quick tips to follow if you experience a water loss:

  • Remove standing water from flat surfaces
  • Take up wet rugs and carpets to help dry the floor/subfloors
  • Ventilate wet areas to help drying
  • Open drawers and cabinet doors to aid in interior drying

Restoration companies specializing in water losses will use moisture readers to determine the amount of moisture in the floors or walls of your home.  This equipment helps determine the amount of drying equipment needed for each individual loss.  The equipment will also help determine the amount of flooring or wall material that will need to be removed to aid in the complete dry out.  Each water loss is unique so the drying time needed will vary from home to home.  The restoration process will begin once the area is completely dry.