Water Damage in Apex

by | May 21, 2019 | Water Damage

PHC Restoration was recently called to a home in Apex that experienced water damage from a dishwasher malfunction. Although there was no standing water present, the damage to the hardwoods was already done. Cupping and gapping was noticeable up to 10 feet from the dishwasher.

This is an ideal water damage job for PHC Restoration because it’s an opportunity for our expert restoration technicians to truly RESTORE, and not just remove and replace! Here are just a few ways that we saved time and money for this customer in Apex:

  • Bracing countertops – In the photo above you can see the countertops in the affected area are still in place, but the cabinets are gone.
  • Cabinet restoration – These are CUSTOM cabinets. Why would we replace them when we can take them back to our cabinet workshop and restore them? They’re too beautiful not to save!
  • Selective demolition – We begin with the end in mind and take the least aggressive approach when it comes to demolition. The less we demo, the less repairs will cost. The cleaner our work, the less time it takes for our carpenters, drywallers, and painters to put the pieces back together.
  • No Additional Living Expenses (ALE) – These customers are able to live in their home and use their kitchen until hardwood refinishing begins.

We also feel strongly about taking care of our clients’ home the same way we’d take care of our own. In the photo above you can see a pan under our dehumidifier. We use these on every water damage job to ensure that just in case there’s a malfunction, we don’t cause further damage to the property. There’s another way to tell if you have an expert working in your home: the level of care exercised. The picture below was taken during demolition. Look at how we take measures to protect both the affected and unaffected areas! We contain the affected areas using zip walls and we cover and protect cabinets to prevent them, and the contents inside, from being covered in dust. During this phase, we set up negative air using air scrubbers that filter the air in the workspace and we clean throughout the day.

This Apex family didn’t have their home turned upside down because of a dishwasher leak. Sure, it’s an inconvenience, but the experts at PHC Restoration go above and beyond to make every interaction a positive experience for our clients.