Last week, we received an emergency service call from a church in Raleigh after ceiling tiles began to fall and water flooded parts of the first and second floors.  While our crews worked feverishly to move furniture, remove water and set up drying equipment, electricians were working to stop the water leaking from the air conditioner’s clogged condensation lines and from an overflowing overflow pan.

This wasn’t the first call we received this summer for water damage that resulted from clogged condensation lines.  The church in this case was lucky as the water flowed straight down through the ceiling.  Some homeowners aren’t that lucky.  Overflow pans are often found in attics and condensation lines can run in the walls which means that if they leak, they can go undetected causing not only unseen water damage but also mold growth.  Whether the damage is sudden and detected or goes unseen, the resulting damage can be costly and inconvenient.

While we can’t always prevent damage from occurring, there are some preventative measures that we can take to prevent some water damage.  It is recommended, especially during the summer months, to check to make sure your AC’s condensation lines are not clogged and a good time to remember to do so is when you go to change your air filter.

PHC Restoration has staff on call 24 hours a day ready to help you if you experience any type of water, fire or storm emergency.