The 3 Estimate Myth

by | Feb 15, 2019 | PHC Restoration

There’s an old belief that if you’ve experienced property damage and have filed an insurance claim, you need to start calling around to get 3 estimates for repairs. Why 3? We don’t know. It’s just an old way of thinking that’s stuck around over the years. In this video, we explain why you don’t have to waste your time collecting quotes – and how you can save time and get back to normal faster!

What happens when someone asks PHC for an estimate? We ask a lot of questions! Usually, we find that this is a new experience for the property owner and they’re just not sure what to do next. The majority of calls we receive for estimates result in a signed work service agreement before we even build an estimate sketch.

One thing not mentioned in this video: before work begins, a contractor can only write a scope based on a visual inspection. There’s no telling what may change once demolition begins! If more damage is found, all it takes is a quick revision to the estimate to be approved by the adjuster. This is why it’s essential to find a contractor experienced in working with your insurance carrier. We’ve been doing this since 1971. We’ve built relationships with almost every insurance carrier. If you’d like even more info about out qualifications, click here.