Have you ever had anyone leave you a note to show they care?  Have you ever been in a drive thru line when the person in front of you paid for your cup of coffee?  Have you ever been given a free ticket to an event just out of kindness?  Better yet, have you ever done any of these things for a complete stranger or for someone you know that may need a little pick me up?  Well, if you know how great it feels to receive a small gesture of appreciation or gratitude, we invite you to join us during the month of July by Restoring Kindness in your community.

For the second straight year, PHC will be participating in the Restoring Kindness Movement which was started by a restoration company in Wisconsin that wanted to do something in their community seeking nothing in return.  It is a type of pay it forward campaign with the sole purpose of touching someone’s life with an act of kindness.

This year, in addition to our random acts of kindness, PHC will be restoring lives by helping save lives.  Join us and the American Red Cross at our blood drive on July 19th from 1:00pm-5:30pm.  Our goal is to save 90 lives and we can’t do it without your help.  #RestoringKindness #CommitmenttoCompassion

Interested in joining the Restoring Kindness Movement in your community?  Here’s more that you need to know:

How:  However you want. There’s no limit! Get creative. It doesn’t have to cost anything. Simply think of a kind thing to do, go do it, and leave a note behind with the hashtag #restoringkindness. Visit our Get Started page for your own #restoringkindness postcard to leave behind and other materials.

Why:  When we focus on others and restoring their lives, our world becomes a better place. Imagine the possibilities if we all decided to start Restoring Kindness, doing kind deeds for others and expecting nothing in return.
Where:  Wherever you live! We are challenging each of our hometowns and all the surrounding communities all over the world to take part in Restoring Kindness. Kindness doesn’t have an address, it lives wherever we decide to show it!
For more information about Restoring Kindness, visit their website at www.restoringkindness.com.