Contents Cleaning

Contents Cleaning

When you have experienced mold issues, mold growth, fire loss or water damage in your home or business, contents cleaning is a key part to the restoration process. PHC Restoration has over 10,000 square feet of warehouse space dedicated to Contents Restoration and Cleaning. Our processing warehouse is complete with a deodorization chamber, hand and Ultrasonic cleaning stations, and ample secured storage where contents are clearly marked.

Attention to Detail

PHC Restoration uses an inventory system to digitally photograph and inventory all contents on site after a loss. This system enables us to create reports detailing the condition of every affected item and the ability to track and pull contents as needed. This makes the restoration process more efficient and provides a faster turnaround for you and your insurance company.

Content Cleaning Team

Our Contents Cleaning technicians hand wash your delicate items and use ultrasonic cleaning machines to clean most other contents. Ultrasonic cleaning uses high frequency sound waves through water to remove smoke residue, mold, heat scale, oxides and even microscopic dust and soot from tiny crevices that are unreachable by hand. The use of this specialized equipment allows PHC to clean the contents of your home quickly, allowing your possessions to be available to you as soon as possible. We can clean items that were once considered not cleanable, thus reducing the number of write-offs or total losses.

Content Cleaning Service Areas

PHC Restoration proudly offers top quality Contents Restoration and Cleaning services in Raleigh, Smithfield, Apex, Clinton, Lillington and the surrounding areas.

Contents Cleaning Gallery

Contents cleaning is a key part to the fire and water restoration process.  Our contents team uses both hand and Ultrasonic cleaning techniques to restore your collectibles, china and sentimental items back to pre-loss condition.


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Contents Restoration

PHC works with many homeowners each year who have suffered severe fire, water or storm damage to their homes. These homeowners and their families are often displaced for months and often lose most of their personal property as a result of the damage. Our goal is to work closely with the homeowner and the insurance company to get families back in their homes as quickly as possible while taking great pride in making sure each home looks just as good if not better than it did before the loss occurred. This philosophy holds true not only for the structure of the home but also its contents.

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