Many of us are packing our bags to enjoy one last trip to the beach or a family get-a-way before school starts back in just a few short weeks.  As we check to make sure we have plenty of sunscreen or confirm our hotel reservations, take a few extra minutes to protect your home while on vacation.  June, July and August are popular vacation months which unfortunately are also months when burglaries tend to rise.

Burglaries and vandalism can cause thousands of dollars of structural damage to homes in addition to loss of personal property as one of our customers in Johnston County witnessed first hand recently.  State Farm Insurance offers a home security and maintenance checklist in hopes of protecting your home and deterring burglars.  Here are just a few of their suggestions:

  • Lighting–consider adding timers to exterior lights in addition to interior lights
  • Alarm–be sure to set the alarm properly before you leave and alert your alarm company when you’ll be away from home for an extend period of time
  • Windows and Doors–double check to make sure all are securely locked (don’t forget the garage too) and remove any spare keys from obvious locations (under mats and potted plants)
  • Stop newspaper and mail delivery
  • Trim bushes, especially those in front of windows, and arrange lawn care if you’ll be gone for more than a week.

If you are concerned or live in an area that has seen an increase in vandalism or break ins, contact your local police department.  Many are willing to come out to your homes or businesses to let residents know how they can better protect themselves from crime.  They may be able to drive by and check on your home if you ask them when you are on vacation.

Even after taking all necessary precautions to protect your home while on vacation, damage can still occur.  If you or someone you know experiences vandalism to your home, give PHC Restoration a call.  We can help board up broken or damaged doors or windows and help restore the property.