Plumbing Related Water Damage

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Water Damage

As we have mentioned in previous blogs, water damage can be costly and a big inconvenience.  There are many different things that can lead to water damage in your home, but today, we are going to focus on Plumbing as the cause.  In David Letterman fashion, here are the Top 10 Plumbing Related Water Damage:

  1. Pipe break
  2. Dishwasher leaks
  3. Refrigerator ice line rupture
  4. Frozen pipes
  5. Water supply line break
  6. Toilet malfunction
  7. Ruptured hot water heater
  8. Washing machine overflow
  9. Faulty construction
  10. Malfunctioning water filtration system

It is always good to keep a check on the plumbing areas you can see.  When mopping the floors in the bathroom, pay extra attention around your toilet to make sure there are no drips around the supply line and listen to make sure the water is not continuously running.  Pull your refrigerator out at least a couple of times a year to make sure the water line to the ice maker does not have a pinhole leak.  Check the supply line connections under each sink during your spring and fall cleaning, we often overlook small leaks in the cabinets under sinks.  By routinely checking, you could find any small problem before it becomes a major problem.

If you find plumbing related water damage in your home, let the water remediation experts at help PHC Restoration.  We have been restoring homes in Raleigh, Sanford, Lillington and the surrounding areas for over 40 years.  Give us a call at 919-834-6523.