Do you know how many pots and pans you have in your kitchen?  How many CDs, DVDs, Wii and Xbox games do your kids own?  Do you have a list of your fine jewelry, fine china or designer shoes?  Most of us think we know the answer to these questions, but most likely if we do not have an up to date personal property inventory list, we will not be able to remember everything if tragedy were to strike.

Most insurance companies have personal property inventory forms online that you can use to list items lost or stolen if you have suffered a fire loss or theft in your home.  But why wait for a loss to happen.  Damage to your home and personal property can be very traumatic and filling out these types of forms from memory is often hard and you might overlook some items in the confusion of settling your claim.  PHC Restoration suggests that you go ahead and make a room by room list of the items in your home.  You can download or print these inventory forms directly off of your insurance carriers website to have a starting point in case disaster strikes.  There are also apps available on your smart phones or you can make a simple list on notebook paper.  Regardless of the method you choose to use, be proactive, inventory the contents in your home soon.