Whether you are experiencing a mild summer or record setting heat, there’s no escaping summer humidity in the South.  While humidity makes it feel warmer than it really is and gives us that sticky feeling, it can also cause problems in your home.  The added moisture that humidity brings can cause laminate and hardwood floors to swell and can cause mold growth if the relative humidity inside your home is too high.  No one wants to suspect or find mold growth in their homes, so I thought I would share houselogic‘s article by Karin Beuerleing on 10 Mold Prevention Tips for Your Home which addresses humidity caused mold problems.  Here’s the list of Mold Prevention Tips:

  1. Eliminate Clutter
  2. Control Indoor Climate
  3. Shut Windows and Doors when AC is on
  4. Properly size your AC unit
  5. Monitor Humidity
  6. Evaluate your AC
  7. Look for standing water
  8. Cover your crawlspace floor
  9. Add a dehumidifier
  10. Call a professional

There are 4 requirements for mold growth:  mold spores (they live everywhere and are virtually impossible to eliminate all of them); mold food (almost any organic substance will provide sufficient nutrients to support mold growth); appropriate temperatures (mold can grow in tropical and near freezing temperatures); moisture (untreated water damage, relative humidity levels at least 70% and sustained condensation are common moisture problems that lead to mold growth).

If you suspect mold growth in your home, give us a call.  PHC Restoration has trained staff on call 24 hours a day to assist with your mold remediation needs.