mold-growth-mold-remediation-mold-damage-bathroom-raleigh-ncRaleigh’s rainfall amount over the last 30 days has been 4.5 inches above normal most of which fell in a 10 day span.  When we see heavy amounts of rain falling in a short amount of time, PHC often sees an increase in the amount of water damage related calls resulting from surface water entering basements and crawlspaces.  The majority of homeowners policies do not cover these types of water losses.  Even though these losses aren’t covered by insurance policies, it is very important that the affected areas are thoroughly dried because the moisture can expedite mold growth which left untreated can result in thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home.  So, act quickly!

If you had water enter into your basement or find it accumulating or puddling close to your foundation, there are a few things you can do to prevent water problems in the future.

  • Check your gutters.  Make sure they are free of debris so rain water can drain away from your home.
  • Make sure the ground area within 10 feet of your home slopes away from your foundation
  • Extend your downspouts at least 10 feet from your home
  • Add preventative landscaping  which can reduce the chance of soil erosion and flooding near your home.