Do you know what the number one cause of kitchen fires is?  Distractions! We’re all guilty of turning our heads to hot grease, boiling water or even toast in the toaster to chop vegetables, put up groceries, fix a cup of coffee or throw a load of clothes into the wash. These relatively harmless tasks cause us to turn our attention away from the stove or oven and could cause our kitchen to go up in smoke very quickly.

PHC sees our fair share of kitchen fires each year and the damage can range from a burnt counter top and smoke throughout the home to a total loss house fire if it wasn’t caught in time.  Regardless of the severity of the damage, kitchen fires are a big inconvenience to families and can be traumatic to children and older members of the household.  This is one reason why we treat each kitchen fire as if it were one of our own homes.  We quickly do emergency cleaning for those homes that remain habitable during the restoration process.  And for those that are forced from their homes because of the extent of the damage, we work closely with the homeowners and the insurance companies so that we can finish the repairs and return the family back to their homes as quickly as possible.

As we head into the holiday season, when we seem to spend more time in the kitchen, let’s remember to keep our multi-tasking and distractions to a minimum.  Also, stay in the kitchen while you are cooking, this can keep your pecan pies from burning as well as your kitchen.