“Once you stop learning you start dying.”

-Albert Einstein

There’s a common thread among our team: the perfectionist tendency.  We don’t believe in complacency. We believe in continuous improvement.  Combine this with our passion for the science of restoration, and it’s easy to see why we prioritize education in the classroom and on the job site.

Josh Smith, our Technical Director, leads the charge on the education front.  Josh is always encouraging us and inspiring us to learn new knowledge and apply it in the field.  As our Technical Director, he is our go-to resource for all things that require problem solving. We thought we’d dedicate this blog to him and highlight some of the many hats he wears!



Josh is one of 15 people in the world who have obtained all 3 of the industry’s most advanced designations:

Certified Restorer #578

Water Loss Specialist #133

Certified Mold Professional #36

On their own, these are nice to have, but what really makes Josh special is his commitment to sharing the knowledge he obtained during the certification process with our team.  You can find him in our classroom every Tuesday morning at 6:45 leading Technical Training. He even had the idea to transform an old barn into a flood house so we could practice drying different scenarios at our office!


Project Manager

Some jobs require a lot of technical problem solving.   Some people will be customers of ours for 8-12 months. Sometimes people call Josh directly and want him to oversee their project.  For some of these reasons, Josh is one of our Project Managers. He consistently exceeds his customers’ expectations – it’s not unusual for women to tell his wife how much they love him!  We admire Josh’s sense of urgency that delivers win-win results for us and our clients.


Problem Solver

Not sure where the water is coming from?  Need to know what to apply to fabric to make it fire resistant?  Want to know how to clean Haitian Cotton? What do you do when a hoarder has a water loss?  These are just some of the problems that Josh can solve before lunch time on an average day!



Josh is a Department of Insurance approved instructor.  This means he is able to deliver continuing education credits to agents and adjusters.  Having an instructor who is actively involved in the subject matter and can also show real-world examples makes a better class for attendees.


Doer of Things

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you: Josh makes it happen.  He’s not afraid to dig in and get dirty! When you see PHC out working a large loss, you’ll see Josh working right alongside our technicians.


He’s a motivator, a leader, an innovator and a valuable member of our team.  We are all better at our jobs because of him. Thank you, Josh!