Joaquin is in the news again, this time as a Category 4 Hurricane.  In case you’ve missed the weather reports over the last couple of days, Hurricane Joaquin is churning in the Atlantic Ocean and still hasn’t made up his mind where he wants to go and if he wants to come ashore.  This is the first Hurricane that is actively threatening the North Carolina coast this hurricane season and whether or not it comes ashore along the Outer Banks, we will continue to receive rain, possible hurricane flooding, throughout the weekend.

So, what should we expect to see here and around Raleigh?  Meteorologists are still trying to figure it out, but the one given they do know is for everyone to expect rain well into next week.  If the storm stays off the coast and doesn’t make landfall, we should expect the heaviest rain to fall on Friday and periods of rain Saturday and Sunday.  Most of North Carolina is under a flash flood watch starting tonight and remaining in effect until Sunday.

During rain events like this, PHC sees an increase in surface water related flood losses.  This means that ground water seeps into your home usually in the basement without needing a hole or opening to come in through.  These water losses are generally not covered by most insurance policies.

Another threat of damage during large rain events and potential storms is downed trees.  The ground in our area is very saturated already and, as a result, wind gusts could cause trees to topple.  If a tree falls onto your home, give PHC a call at 919-834-6523 and we cans assist in having the tree removed and tarp or board up the affected areas of your home, protecting it from any further damage from the rain.

Are you prepared for a flood?  FEMA has great information on how to prepare for a flood on their website  They define a flash flood watch as flash flooding is possible and they recommend that you leave or be prepared to move to higher ground upon short notice.  Stay alert and monitor all notifications in your area.  Just because you do not live around lakes, rivers or ponds does not mean that you are safe from flash flooding.  Flash flooding can also occur as a result of debris covered storm drains or improper ditch drainage.  The website also highlights things you should have on hand in your emergency kit and it is never too early to be prepared.

Let’s hope that Joaquin continues to take an easterly track and remains offshore.  Stayed tuned to your local weather forecasts for the latest updates.