Hurricane Damage Restoration FAQ

by | Sep 4, 2019 | Storm Damage

We are gearing up for the 2019 hurricane season as Dorian approaches the North Carolina coast. PHC Restoration is always ready to respond, but we take extra steps during this time of year to make sure we’re able to operate without some of the basics that can be affected by major storms, such as electricity.

A major component of hurricane preparedness for PHC is coaching our staff on how to handle the influx of calls that we receive during major weather events. It’s important for us to deliver outstanding service every day, and we’ve found that we are not able to serve our clients in a way they deserve if we say “YES” every time the phone rings. In this blog we’ve outlined some guidelines we use to determine if we should or should not respond to a call for storm damage.


How can you reach PHC?

  • 910-814-2502
  • 910-814-0670
  • 910-893-2028
  • 910-893-8220
  • 919-834-6523

When do we respond?

We do not respond until it’s safe for our crews to be on roads, ladders and roofs.

What type of calls will we respond to?  Here’s the priority list:

  • Water damaged commercial, government and educational properties
  • Trees on (or through) roofs – tree removal, board up and tarping
  • Water Intrusion
    • Flooded basements
    • Commercial properties with damage from flooded parking lots/streets
    • Water coming in from the ground level
    • Structural roof damage (i.e. roof lifted by wind, not blown back shingles)
  • Sump pump failures
  • Flooded crawl spaces – pump out and dry

What other factors determine priority?

  • Safety – are the roads impassable?  Can our team get there and back safely?
  • Severity of damage
  • Location – do we already have crews working in that area?
  • Time sensitivity (i.e. a business that needs to be up and running quickly)
  • Will there be insurance coverage?
  • If there’s not insurance coverage, is the customer able to pay half up front and the remainder at completion?

What kind of work does PHC not do?

  • Minor roof leaks or shingle replacement
  • Water stains on drywall ceiling due to roof leaks
  • Free estimates, especially if multiple quotes are desired. Watch our YouTube video on the 3 Estimate Myth below

Which insurance companies do we work with?

We work with most insurance carriers. Priority will be given to customers insured by: Chubb, Selective, AAA, Farm Bureau, USAA, and self-insured entities

During weather events we do not work with: Allstate, Foremost, NCJUA, and Nationwide Residential

What can you expect if you call PHC?

  • You’ll be placed on our response list if we are able to prioritize your damage.  We may not be able to guarantee our response day or time, but you can expect us to keep you up to date on approximate ETA
    • If we cannot service your property, we will spend some time pointing you in the direction of someone who can
  • We’ll ask you to text us a picture of the damage so we can get an idea of the resources needed to respond properly
  • If your damage is not covered by insurance, we will prepare a quick quote for emergency services, give you a Do Not Exceed amount, obtain your signature on a Work Service Agreement and collect half of the payment up front.
  • If you do not have power restored and you have water damage, we will evaluate your property, extract standing water with a truck-mount extractor, and then return once power is restored to place drying equipment.

On a final note, we see instances where customers will call 3-5 different restoration companies and give the job to the first one that shows up.  We urge you to do your homework. Choose a company you feel comfortable with and ask around for recommendations. Our first responders can show you copies of our Unlimited North Carolina General Contractors License and proof of our General Liability and Workers Compensation coverage.  Reputable restorers will be busy and a wait time should be expected. We want you to have a positive experience. If you need guidance, give us a call. If we can’t help you, we’ll try to point you in the right direction. In the meantime, be prepared and be safe!