Water Damage air dryers staged in home.

One of the most common questions homeowners ask after they’ve experienced water damage is how long will it take to dry my home?  We wish this were a simple question to answer not only to help with the inconvenience factor for the homeowner, but a standard answer would help us with our scheduling.  Unfortunately, there is no standard answer.  While two seemingly identical homes both suffer water damage from a ruptured water heater, the dry times can be days different.  Factors such as the amount of water that flooded the area, the length of time the water ran in the affected area, the type of floor covering in the room and the number of rooms affected by the loss effect the amount of drying time needed in each home.

So, what should you expect if you come home to find standing water in your kitchen tonight?  On average, it takes 2-3 days to dry a home once all the water is extracted.  The sooner you notice the water and the quicker you are able to shut off the water, the shorter amount of time is needed to dry the home.  But be prepared, large water losses can take 5 days or more to dry.  It is important to contact a water restoration company to start the remediation process as quickly as possible.  Most restoration companies will come and check the affected areas with moisture meters and will adjust the placement of the air movers to help in the drying process.  It is important that the homeowner follow the directions of the technicians onsite and not move or unplug the machines.

If you come home to find your home flooded by a ruptured pipe, overflowing toilet or broken supply line, give PHC Restoration a call.  We have certified water damage technicians on call 24 hours a day to help you when disaster strikes.