It is that time of year again…time to enjoy the flowers blooming, the grass getting greener, baseball tryouts and March Madness. It is also time to perform some routine Spring Maintenance on your home to help reduce the threat of water damage.

Most water damage restoration projects, such as water line breaks and hot water heater leaks, cannot be foreseen or prevented, however, there are some simple maintenance that homeowners can do to limit the risk of unwanted water entering your home. Here are a few Springtime Home Maintenance tips for you to consider:

  • clean your gutters–clogged gutters can trap moisture and cause damage to your roofs
  • check for missing or cracked shingles on your roof
  • prune landscaping and create drainage so water flows away from the house
  • if drainage is a problem around downspouts, add extensions to carry water at least 3-4 feet away from the house
  • check your basement and sump pump if your basement periodically gets wet–a sealant may be needed if water comes in around the brick

If your home sustains water damage of any kind, give the experienced restoration team at PHC Restoration a call.  We have staff on call 24 hours ready to respond to any emergency.