Holiday lights are a fun way to decorate our homes year around both inside and outside, but are seem to be more festive and popular during the Christmas season. If you are planning on hanging lights on your home on in trees this holiday season, please remember these safety tips:

• Only use lights that have been tested by a reputable testing lab (such as UL approved) to ensure they meet safety standards
• Check for broken lights and frayed wires
• Discard any lights with apparent damage
• Do not strand more than three strands of light together
• Keep extension cords away from high traffic areas to avoid tripping hazards
• Use plastic clips or hooks to secure outside light not nails or tacks
• If using a stepladder, be sure the ladder is on even ground with all 4 legs firmly on the ground and do not stand on the top shelf.
• Remember to turn off lights when going to bed or leaving home

Looks like there is a little rain in the forecast for the weekend, so if you are planning on decorating outside wait until it clears up, stay safe and have fun.