Leaky roofs, busted water pipes, sewer backups and flooding are common causes of water damage in your home and most often the resulting damage is easy to spot.  Dripping/flowing water or stains on the drywall or ceiling are the most common signs.  But how do you know if there is any hidden water damage in your home?

Here are a few things to look for when trying to detect hidden water damage:

  • swelling of baseboards or trim
  • musty or mold smell
  • presence of mold
  • grout that has turned dark between tiles
  • swelling wood making cabinets or other doors hard to open or close
  • peeling wallpaper or paint

Undetected water damage can continue for months or even years and can result in mold growth; so as you prepare for spring cleaning, take a few extra minutes to investigate any of these signs and have any problems corrected as soon as possible.  Give PHC Restoration a call and let our trained technician help if you find any water or mold damage.