Hazardous Sewage Water Damage Cleanup

by | May 15, 2019 | Water Damage

People don’t typically think about sewage water or how much damage it can cause until a toilet clogs up and overflows. While the water quickly spreads toward carpeted areas, home and business owners usually start to panic and are unsure of what they should do first. Instinct usually urges people to grab towels to block off the contaminated water and try to save other areas of the property before personal safety comes to mind.

Contact with sewage water can be extremely hazardous to both humans and animals. Gastroenteritis and Hepatitis are common illnesses related to exposure to contaminated sewage water. Because of the high risk of serious illness in sewage cleanup situations, these types of emergencies should only be handled by professionals who have the proper training, safety equipment, and skills to remove contaminated water. In Lillington, NC, and the surrounding areas, the professionals at PHC Restoration are highly skilled in removing dangerous sewage water and safely restoring damaged homes and businesses to pre-loss condition quickly.

If your home or business is affected by contaminated sewage water, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Do Not Flush The Toilet Again

One of the biggest mistakes that people make in the event of an overflowing toilet is continuous flushing OR a mixture of flushing and plunging. Of course, most people are really trying to get the water to recede, but in many instances, it will not. The best thing to do is to leave it alone and call a professional who can help. Overflowing toilets are generally caused by clogged pipes. Constant flushing is only going to cause more damage if the toilet pipes are already clogged.

Do Not Add Chemicals Or Cleaning Agents To The Toilet

Sewage water is already contaminated and dangerous. Do not try to add any chemicals or cleaning agents to the mix. If water is overflowing and spreading inside the property, chemicals will mix and spread as well, causing more damage and creating a bigger hazard.

Do Not Attempt To Remove The Water

Sewage water should not be removed without the proper equipment and safety gear. Clearly, sewage water is gross – but it can quickly cause extreme illness. Do not try to soak up the water with towels that you intend to use again, or try to stop the water from spreading to areas that are difficult to contain. If there is a chance that you will come into contact with the water, don’t do it.

Call A Professional Water Damage Restoration Company Immediately

A water disaster coming from contaminated sewer water is one of the last things that any home or business owner wants to deal with – but it does happen. Make sure that you are prepared by knowing what you should and should not do and have a plan of action ready. Keep the phone number of professional plumbers and our local water damage cleanup company on hand so that you can get the help that you need right away. Immediate relief from a water disaster can minimize the extent of the damage and the need for more costly repairs.

Remember, water that is allowed to stand for any period of time will quickly spread, contaminate the structure, and may cause mold growth. Stay safe by contacting PHC Restoration immediately after a toilet overflow and let us take care of the mess for you. Our technicians are highly skilled and certified to get your home or business back to normal quickly!