PHC Restoration has been in the restoration industry for over 40 years and has been able to help many homeowners following fire damage to their homes.  Last week was no different. We received two calls from homeowners after they experienced grease fires in their kitchens.  Both were lucky that the damage was contained to their kitchens as the fire damage could have been a lot worse, not only to their homes but could have also resulted in severe injuries to themselves.

Grease fires can vary in intensity and can spread rapidly. They burn very hot and because oil and water do not mix, they cannot be extinguished with water.  In fact, water can cause this burning oil to splash spreading the fire to surrounding counter tops and cabinets.  It can also quickly evaporate when it hits the high temperature grease causing a small explosion, increasing the intensity of the fire.  Though baking soda can be used to put out a grease fire, it is best to smoother the fire with a lid or pan. Try to avoid using a glass lid as the extreme heat can cause it to break.  There is also no reason to wait, call 911. They can always go back to the station if they aren’t needed.  Also, do not try to carry the burning oil out of the house.  Carrying it can cause the grease to splatter which could cause burns to yourself or spread the fire through the home.

The most important thing you can do to prevent a fire in your kitchen is to stay put while you are cooking, and we think the best thing to do if your home has suffered a grease or kitchen fire is to call PHC Restoration to repair any damage.