We all hope the brutally cold weather that we experienced last week is behind us.  The single digit lows last week not only led to frozen and busted water pipes but we saw a number of house fires some of which resulted from heating sources.

The news reported of a Fayetteville man who was badly burned in a house fire.  The source of the fire was believed to be a kerosene heater he was using to stay warm.  Our thoughts and well wishes go out to this man and any others who have been injured or suffered damage to their home as a result of kerosene or other space heaters.  In hopes of preventing more fires caused by these types of heaters, scfbins.com offers the following safety tips:

  • Check the wick weekly when using the heater and clean to manufacturer’s instructions if dirty.
  • Do not move a kerosene heater that is lit.
  • Refuel kerosene heaters outside and only when they are cooled, never when they are still hot.
  • Do not use kerosene heaters in rooms with flammable materials such as aerosol sprays, gasoline, oils or lacquers.
  • Clean up kerosene spills immediately
  • Do not leave kerosene heaters unattended

Spring is less than a month away, but we will still have some cold days and nights ahead of us.  PHC Restoration hopes that everyone stays safe and warm.  If you do experience any smoke or fire damage, we are available during and after business hours by contacting us at 919-818-2582.