Fire Escape Plan

by | Oct 8, 2017 | Fire Damage


Did you know that more than 2 out of every 5 reported home fires start in the kitchen -or- that you could have less than 2 minutes to escape a home once the smoke alarm sounds -or- that 84% of the home fire deaths reported from 2010-2014 occurred in 1 or 2 family homes?  These are just a few of the statistics that the National Fire Prevention Agency (NFPA) is using to spread the word of the importance of knowing two ways out of every room of your home in case of a fire for National Fire Prevention Week which runs October 8-14th.

This year’s Fire Prevention Week theme is”Every Second Counts, Plan 2 Ways Out!”  As the video suggests, the door to the room and any window in the room are the most logical ways out; however, what if your bathroom doesn’t have a window?  What would you do?  What if your couch or end table are blocking the window in your living room?  These are things that the NFPA wants you and your family to go ahead and address before a fire situation arises in your home.  You may only have less than 2 minutes to get out, so every second does count.

The NFPA suggests that you and your family develop a fire escape plan and walk through your home so everyone knows the best 2 ways out of the home.  This is the best time to rearrange your rooms so that none of the escape routes are blocked.  It is also the best time to designate a meeting place for everyone to gather outside the home.  It is recommended that you and your family practice the escape plan twice a year.

For more information on Fire Prevention Week, visit the NFPA at where you can also find videos and educational material for children of all ages.