What to Expect During a Fire Restoration Project

by | Feb 26, 2018 | Fire Damage

Whether your home has suffered a small grease fire in the kitchen or a large loss house fire, the restoration process is basically the same.  Since some of us have never experienced a fire restoration project personally, here is a basic understanding of what to expect.

Securing the property

The first step in a fire restoration project is to secure the home or building.  For smaller kitchen fires, this includes emergency cleaning so homeowners can continue to safely stay in the home.  With larger fires, damaged doors, windows and roofs that are left exposed to the elements are boarded up to protect the property from further damage.

Contents inventory

Contents need to be removed before repairs can begin on any fire restoration.  PHC Restoration uses a digital property inventory system to accurately inventory and document all items that are to be packed, cleaned and stored.

Tear out

Damaged building materials and flooring are then removed and areas are treated to seal in any smoke odor.  Necessary building permits are secured before repairs begin.

Contents cleaning

While repairs are being made, the previously packed up contents are placed in an ozone chamber to remove the smoke odor and then cleaned.  PHC uses both ultrasonic and hand cleaning techniques to clean the items.  After being cleaned, contents are repacked and stored in the warehouse until all repairs are completed to the home.


Framing, insulation, HVAC, electrical and plumbing repairs are completed and inspected.  As the drywall and trim are installed, excitement builds with the homeowner begins to take shape.

Selections and walk-through

The final two stages in the process are often the most fun for the homeowner.  Homeowners meet with their project managers and our design partners where paint colors, flooring, cabinets and appliances are selected.  Once the home is painted, selections are installed and final inspections are passed, a walk-through is performed to ensure all repairs have been completed to the homeowner’s satisfaction.

PHC Restoration has been committed to providing top quality, compassionate fire restoration services for over 45 years.  Give us a call at 910-814-2502 if you home suffers fire damage.