Chance of afternoon or evening thunderstorms is a common saying in North Carolina during the summer months.  It has definitely been the case so far this summer with rain totals already reaching over 30″ at RDU for the year which is more than 8″ above normal.  Though we have been pretty fortunate so far this year with a low number of severe thunderstorms, we all need to be prepared with basic emergency kits; especially with the heart of hurricane season approaching and the ground all around the state is extremely saturated.

FEMA has recommended the following items be included in basic emergency supply kits:

  • a 3-day supply of water per person in your family, one gallon per person per day
  • a 3-day supply of non-perishable food items and a can opener if needed
  • battery powered or hand crank radio with extra batteries
  • flashlight and extra batteries
  • first aid kit
  • whistle to signal for help
  • moist towelettes and garbage bags
  • pliers or wrench to turn of utilities

In addition to emergency supply kits, PHC also recommends having all your important papers in a secured location in your home and to have your agents phone number stored in your phone in case a disaster were to effect you and your home.  Remember PHC Restoration specializes in fire, water and storm damage repairs and restoration and we are only a phone call away if your home or business is ever affected by one of these disasters.