Emergency Supply Kit

by | Feb 28, 2017 | Storm Damage

We have all heard the line…”disaster can strike at any time” and in the restoration industry, PHC Restoration sees disasters firsthand all the time.  Disasters can hit a homeowner in the form of fire damage, water damage or storm damage and most tend to strike without notice.  It is never a bad idea to be prepared, just in case you have to get out of your house quickly.  We would like to pass along some tips for putting together an Emergency Supply Kit for your family which can help in any situation.  Here is a list of items that would be good to have on hand:

  • battery powered flashlight with extra batteries
  • weather radio
  • weather alert app for your smart phone
  • insurance agent’s cell phone number stored so you can contact him/her directly if damage is done to your home
  • pictures of your personal property and inventory of the more expensive items to substantiate any personal property/contents insurance claims
  • Know ahead of time the things you can easily pack or carry out of your house in the event of damage.  You will have to act fast and will not be able to take everything.  Plan in advance!
  • water and non-perishable, easy to prepare food
  • a first aid kit
  • copies of personal documents (passports, insurance policies, birth certificates, proof of address)
  • family and emergency contact information
  • emergency blanket

This list is a good starting point.  It is also a good idea to talk with family members to have a backup way of checking up on each other in case of a large disaster.  Phone lines can come down or cell phone towers can get overloaded which can prohibit making calls.  Use social media or texts instead of making phone calls.  The American Red Cross and other disaster need organizations also have recommendations for items to include in your Emergency Supply Kit.  As we saw last year with the hurricane and as we head into the spring and summer months when the weather can be unpredictable, we would like to encourage everyone to have a plan and be prepared.