Case Study: Emergency Cleaning Services

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Contents Cleaning, Trauma Cleaning

concrete dust cleaning-emergency cleaning-contents restoration
We received a call from a construction company after hours on Tuesday, April 3 requesting emergency cleaning services. One of their crews grinded concrete earlier in the day and did not realize a neighboring apartment door was open. As a result, concrete dust littered the apartment and its contents creating not only a dirty, dusty mess but also a potentially harmful environment for the occupants.

Concrete dust can irritate eyes, nose, throat and the upper respiratory system. Silica (found in concrete) exposure can lead to lung injuries and requires use of a P, N, or R-95 respirator when you come in contact with it.

The Scene
Our crew of cleaning technicians arrived at the apartment first thing the following morning. Initial inspection revealed that half of the apartment was coated with a layer of concrete dust. An air scrubber was immediately set up to actively clean the dust particles from the air as we set out to dry clean the affected areas of the apartment. We suited up in our respirators, strapped on our HEPA vacuums and began cleaning. In a matter of hours, the crew had completed the restoration project to the complete satisfaction of the tenant.

The construction company was based out-of-state and was in desperate need of finding a local restoration company who could not only clean the affected area but could also respond quickly since it was after 5:00pm. After calling our office, they quickly spoke with a Project Manager who assessed their needs and simply asked, “when do you need us”, as we were prepared to respond on the spot if needed. Our knowledge of cleaning potentially hazardous situations in combination with our stocked emergency response vehicles allowed us to roll out sight unseen, fully prepared to tackle the restoration job.