New Desiccant Dehumidifier

by | Aug 11, 2017 | Water Damage

Time is of the essence when it comes to responding to emergency service calls especially when water is involved.  In addition to always having a team on-call ready to respond to these situations, PHC also has emergency response trailers stocked with extraction and drying equipment ready to roll out.  These trailers are perfect for most residential water losses, but larger homes and commercial buildings require a bit more drying/dehumidification power.  To aid with these larger jobs, we’ve recently added a trailer mounted desiccant dehumidifier to our water mitigation arsenal.

With every water loss, it is our goal to begin the extraction process as quickly as possible so we can begin drying the structure and minimizing the subsequent damage.  This could mean saving the homeowner and insurance company thousands of dollars when we are able to dry and save hardwood floors instead of having to replace them.  With the addition of our new desiccant, we are further able to save the business owner and insurance company money, this time with the reduction of drying equipment costs.

Back in March after the downtown Raleigh apartment fire damaged the Edenton Street United Methodist Church’s annex, we rented a large desiccant to aid in drying commercial water loss.  The desiccant rental replaced the need for 64 LGR dehumidifiers.  This alone saved between $5,300-$11,500 in drying equipment in addition to reducing the set up time that would have been needed for the 64 dehumidifiers.  This allowed the drying to start quicker and resulted in saving all the floor coverings that were affected in the two story commercial building which included a gymnasium floor.

Last week, we were able to use our desiccant dehumidifier to dry a library at a local university.  We have great vendors that we use when we need additional equipment rental, but the fact that we were able to pull our own trailer with our own vehicles and not have to wait for equipment delivery allowed us to be able to start and end the drying of the building quicker.

For over 40 years, PHC Restoration has been offering top quality restoration services for Harnett County, Wake County and the surrounding areas.  We take great pride in the work we do.  We know that any restoration job can be a traumatic situation and we use our training and equipment to try to lessen the financial burden of these losses as well as the amount of time required to restore the homes back to pre-loss condition.