Mold.  A word no one likes to hear and an object we definitely do not want to find in our home.  Unfortunately, we received a call recently from a homeowner who found just that, mold growing in her attic.  We’ve posted several different blogs on Mold and ways to prevent growth.  Today, I thought I’d focus on the dangers mold can cause.

Mold needs moisture to grow and can reproduce quickly.  The most common areas in your home where mold growth occurs are:

  • leaking roofs and flashings
  • flooding from leaking/ruptured pipes
  • improper ventilation–in bathrooms and crawlspaces
  • leaking windows
  • improper drainage around your home

Although not common, some forms of mold found in your home can be toxic.  Mold can cause health problems such as skin irritations, allergies, respiratory problems, sore throats, headaches, coughing and fatigue.

Because mold can start to grow on surfaces withing 24 hours and can reproduce quickly, quick response by mold remediation experts is important.  Mold digests organic material and will eventually cause deterioration to wood surfaces which can damage the structure of your home.  Mold spores are also small and light and can easily spread to other areas of your home through the air and duct work which can lead to more damage in other areas of your home.  Your home HVAC system is a common carrier of mold spores sending them to other areas of the home.  (Remember, mold needs moisture to grow and mold spores are found outside as well.  You may not be able to prevent mold from spreading or entering your home, but if the moisture level is low, it will have a hard time growing.)

Again, there are many dangers mold can cause to you and your home.  It is important to control moisture problems in your home and to contact a mold remediation company as quickly as possible if you find any mold growth in your home.  PHC Restoration has trained and certified technicians on staff 24 hours a day to assist with any mold removal needs.  Give us a call at 919-834-6523.