Control Humidity and Preventing Mold Growth

by | Jun 6, 2017 | Mold Removal

A lot of us look for was to conserve energy and save a few dollars on our electric bills during the summer months.  This can be easily accomplished by unplugging appliances that aren’t used every day and by turning the thermostat up a few degrees while you are at work during the day.  But, before you look to increase these cost savings by turning off your AC while on vacation this summer consider the role that your air conditioner plays in preventing mold growth in your home.

Two words are synonymous with summers in the South are Heat and Humidity.  We all look to our air conditioners to keep our homes cool during these months, but we also need to remember that our AC units help control the humidity inside the home.  By turning off your air conditioners for extended periods of time, for instance while on a week long vacation, will cause air not to circulate which can cause condensation.  This extra moisture can impact other features of your home.  Hardwood floors can begin to swell causing floor boards to warp or cup as a result of the pressure created between the floor boards.  Laminate floors can expand causing a crowned look.  Humidity can also cause doors and cabinetry to swell, paint and wallpaper to peal, damage to sensitive electronics and can lead to mold growth.  All of which can be costly to repair.

So, before leaving for you family vacation, turn your thermostat between 83-86 degrees which can still save on your power bill but will also keep your humidity levels between the recommended 40-60%.

If you return from vacation to find mold growth, water or storm damage, give PHC Restoration a call.  We have emergency service teams on call 24 hours a day ready to respond to your disaster.