Do you ever worry about the cleaners and disinfectants that you use in your home?  Sure, they are good at killing germs, but are they safe to inhale, use around food surfaces or safe to use around children or pets?  While there are a lot of household disinfectants that do contain toxic chemicals, there are safe ways to clean green.

PHC Restoration uses a green botanical antimicrobial alternative when it comes to mold removal.  Benefect has received widespread recognition for proving that poisonous disinfectants aren’t the only effective way to clean.  Their active ingredient is Thyme Oil which has been specially grown and blended for 15 years.  In fact, Benefect products do not come with a warning label because all of the ingredients are either F.D.A. approved as a food additives or are on the United States G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized as Safe) list.  PHC wants to ensure that not only are we effectively cleaning the mold out of your home while we are there, but also that we are using safe products for both our employees and our customers to be around.

Learn more about the Benefect story by watching this video, and in honor of Earth Day, April 22, remember to Clean Green!