How can you spot signs of a main sewer line clog?

by | Oct 30, 2017 | Water Damage

When’s the last time you gave any thought to the sewer lines in your home?  You are probably like most homeowners, sewer lines do not cross your mind unless you or someone you knows experiences a raw sewage back up in your home.  This unpleasant mess can lead to significant damage, but did you know there are some early warning signs that can help you spot signs of a sewer line clog?

One of the first signs of a clogged main sewer line is when your toilet starts “talking to you” , or in other words, it starts making strange noises like a coffee pot percolating.  Other signs of a sewer drain clog include:  more than one fixture backs up at the same time (tub and toilet for example); flushing the toilet causes a water back up in the tub or shower; if running the water in the bathroom sink causes the toilet to bubble; and if the water draining from the washing machine causes the toilet to overflow or back up in the shower.

Common causes of clogging are tree roots, thicker toilet paper, paper towels and feminine hygiene products.  If you get a clog in our home, it is important to first shut the water off at the main water line.  Many homes have a main line sewer cleanout line.  If you have access to this, you can relieve the pressure by simply removing the cleanout cap and it will send the water outside.

It is important to know that any sewer backup into your home is considered a Category 3 water loss by insurance and restoration companies.  The backed up water is contaminated and can pose health risks.  It is important to contact an experienced restoration company to come in to properly remove the contaminated material and properly dry and clean the affected area.  PHC Restoration has service technicians on call to help with any water damage or sewer back up emergencies.  Give us a call at 919-834-6523.