PHC Restoration received an emergency service call from a homeowner recently who had experienced a toilet backflow but didn’t see any sewage, so they weren’t sure if they needed to contact a restoration company or attempt to clean up the water themselves.  After a quick call to their insurance agent and told of the health concerns of black water,  they were convinced to give us a call.

Most homeowners may not be aware that there are three different categories of water damage.  While it is important to quickly remediate and remove any water damage, it is equally important to know what type of water damage you have on your hands so it can be properly treated and removed.  Below are the three categories of water damage:

CATEGORY 1–clean water.  The water itself doesn’t pose a threat to humans.  It usually results from a broken water supply line or sink/tub overflows.

CATEGORY 2–grey water.  This water contains microorganisms and a significant degree of biological or physical contaminants.  It usually results from a discharge from a dishwasher, washing machine or sump pump failures.

CATEGORY 3–black water.  This water is grossly unsanitary and contains harmful bacteria, fungi and chemicals that can be extremely dangerous and can cause sickness.  Black water usually results from sewage, seawater, water from rising rivers or streams, toilet back flow originating beyond the toilet trap, or grey water that wasn’t promptly removed.

If you encounter black water damage to your home, contact PHC Restoration and let our restoration technicians help you.