Do I have coverage for the trees in my yard that were hit by lightning? If I had a fire in my home, will I have full coverage to cover all repairs? If water damage forced me to leave my home while repairs are being made, will my insurance policy cover the costs? Do I have flood coverage?

When is the last time you read your insurance policy? Have you ever read your insurance policy? I think the number of people who have actually read their policies will be surprisingly low. In this day and age, a lot of people turn to the internet to find insurance policies. If you go to a local insurance agency, your agent will ask the appropriate questions and will offer you a policy based on the information provided and a policy is usually mailed to you later. So, are you one of those people who opens the policy and reads it cover to cover or are you one that glances at the paperwork and files it away with your other important papers.

We occassionally have homeowners who thought that they had coverage for a loss they suffered only to be told that the water loss for example wasn’t covered. The moral of this bog today is…know your insurance policy; if you have questions, ask your agent; remember, flood is not covered under most homeowner policies; and know that it is your responsibilty as the insured to protect your home from further damage.