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Odor Control in Restoration CE ClassWhere’s the Chicken?  That was the common theme and reoccurring question posed in yesterday’s Odor Control in Restoration CE class hosted by PHC Restoration in Raleigh yesterday.

We often associate odor with bad smells that often go away (smelly feet, cooking cabbage/broccoli, rotten eggs for example).  We tend to spray air fresheners, open windows or light candles to help cover up the smells, and these work to mask the odor as it fades away.  Because we have success masking these light smells, we have the tendency to try to mask other stronger odors.  Pet odors and cigarette smells are two examples.  Cleaning carpets and kilz-ing walls are popular ways to “remove” the smells, but as learned from class yesterday, if you do not remove the source of the odor, you will not be able to effectively get rid of the odor.

PHC Restoration has a wide range of odor removal equipment that we use to help remove odor from homes most often associated with fire losses.  From ozone machines to thermal foggers, each specializes in removing odors, but we all have to remember to first clean and remove the source.  Think…Where’s the Chicken?  When we accidentally forget about the chicken cooking on the stove and come back to find the empty burnt pot.  Where did the chicken go?  It was displaced in the air and is now attached to surfaces in your kitchen.  Commonly, people will throw away the burnt pot and wipe down the kitchen counters, but if we don’t also wipe down the walls and cabinets, the smell will remain.

The same holds true for fires in the home.  Smoke is one of the toughest odors to eliminate in the home after a fire.  Some contractors who do not specialize in restoration think that removing the burnt building material and repairing will get rid of all the fire/smoke smells in the home.  Homeowners who try to clean and repair the damage themselves may use all purpose household cleaners to wipe down the walls or apply kilz to the walls to seal in the smell but never seem to fully get rid of the odor.    Why?  Smoke and soot can carry throughout the house and likes to “hide” in cracks and crevices.  If you have an air handler for your HVAC unit near where the fire occurred, the odor can spread through the duct work.  Building material also plays a factor as well as the type of fire the home sustained.  Protein fires in which result from burnt proteins such as burnt roasts in the oven or eggs left on the stove need to be cleaned differently from structural fires in which building material is burnt.

There is definitely a science behind odor control in restoration.  If your home sustains fire damage, contact a restoration company who understands how to properly remove the odor as well as repair the damage.  PHC Restoration has been specializing in odor removal and fire restoration for over 45 years.  Give us a call at 919-834-6523 if you face a fire damage emergency.


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What our clients are saying...

The word you use as a company motto is “compassion”.  Every one of you certainly live up to that motto every single day!  We felt it the first day we met Josh and every single day thereafter.  Thank you for a wonderful journey as you helped us put our lives and our home back together.  We are eternally grateful!

T. Robinson, Pittsboro

This letter is to let you all know what a fantastic job you all did on rebuilding and restoring our home.  Me, my son and wife congratulate you all for a perfect job.  Each and every employee who had anything to do with our house was so professional, polite and did everything we asked them to.  Job well done.  Thanks to you all, we can enjoy our new home for the rest of our lives.

Robbie L., Raleigh

PHC has demonstrated the skill, good judgement, and polite service.  Through their employees who are all trained to do their jobs very well with full dedication to customer satisfaction.  Thanks to all!

J. Oborne, Sanford

My assistant project manager was very helpful with decisions and kept us informed on the progress of repairs and changes.  Everyone that worked at our house was always courteous and helpful and did a superior job.  You have a great staff and we would recommend you to anyone.  We are enjoying our home.

G. Godwin, Benson

This is the second job PHC has done for us.  We are extremely pleased with all components of their work.  We are recommending PHC to ALL of our friends.

S. McFadyen, Vass

Given the situation we were dealing with, PHC came right in that evening and started clean-up.  PHC walked us through every aspect of our repairs/replacement.  They were amazing and made the entire process seamless.  Overall, we are thrilled with the final results.  I never imagined it would have turned out this beautiful.  PHC made this initial terrible experience and experience we will never forget.

S. Jones, Raleigh

Everyone was so friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.  Quality of work exceeded our expectations.  We have already highly recommended you guys to people we know.  Thanks for everything!

K. Vorbeck, Raleigh

I’m in the building trades and feel qualified to say that your crew was better than excellent in all phases.  By the end it felt more like a labor of love than a job contract.

J. Byrum, Chapel Hill

I could not ask for a better crew.  Everyone was professional and courteous.  My home even looks better than before!  I will recommend you to everyone I meet.

P. Smith, Sanford

Many thanks for the super fine job your crew did on my flood damage. You evaluated the damage and reacted quickly. Keep up the good work!

D. Lane, Fuquay-Varina

Thank you for taking care of our home repair in a timely manner. You were a pleasure to work with.

Mary, Fuquay Varina

Your company came to our rescue so rapidly when the accident occurred, which was a great relief. Your work has added value and pride to our home!

Judi and Geoffrey, Cary

Thank you for everything that you have done. I never imagined it would turn out so beautiful! Your crews are very courteous and kind. They’ve done an outstanding job.

Debbie, Spring Lake

We gratefully applaud your crews. Their work was top notch. They were polite, eager to answer questions, clean in their work and showed respect for our home. They work well together as a team.

R. Arcus, Durham

Just a note to thank you so very much for the great job you did in cleaning our church after it had been vandalized recently. Thank you so much for the prompt attention to our Church also! It meant a great deal to our Church Family to be able to have our regular Sunday services in the Sanctuary that day.

Christian Chapel Church

Your crew demonstrated professionalism throughout the restoration, were experienced and did a wonderful job in every aspect. The renovation turned out more beautiful than I could have imagined and I know we will enjoy it for many years to come.

F. Hinkson, Goldsboro

I am very happy to be back in my house. Thank you for making it possible within a reasonable amount of time. You certainly are to be commended for your professionalism.

Jo Anne, Kenly

On a scale of 1 to 10 your company is an 11! Everyone at our church is satisfied – not one complaint – all cheers! Everything was done as requested, on time, and above our expectations.

R. Strother, Franklinton

We are very pleased with the work done by Professional Home Care. Your thoroughness and consideration relieved us of many concerns and returned our home to its original state with a minimal amount of time and confusion.

J. Erdman, Pinehurst

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