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Hurricane Flooding

I was reminded that 21 years ago today, Hurricane Fran tore through Central North Carolina and though I was in college at the time, I still remember the impact it had in our area.  It is the first hurricane that I remember even though I did sleep through most of the...

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Odor Control

Where's the Chicken?  That was the common theme and reoccurring question posed in yesterday's Odor Control in Restoration CE class hosted by PHC Restoration in Raleigh yesterday. We often associate odor with bad smells that often go away (smelly feet, cooking...

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New Desiccant Dehumidifier

Time is of the essence when it comes to responding to emergency service calls especially when water is involved.  In addition to always having a team on-call ready to respond to these situations, PHC also has emergency response trailers stocked with extraction and...

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Protect Your Home While on Vacation

Many of us are packing our bags to enjoy one last trip to the beach or a family get-a-way before school starts back in just a few short weeks.  As we check to make sure we have plenty of sunscreen or confirm our hotel reservations, take a few extra minutes to protect...

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Restoring Kindness

Have you ever had anyone leave you a note to show they care?  Have you ever been in a drive thru line when the person in front of you paid for your cup of coffee?  Have you ever been given a free ticket to an event just out of kindness?  Better yet, have you ever done...

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Your Homeowners Insurance May Not Cover

We all know disasters can strike our homes or businesses at any time whether it be a busted water pipe, a grease fire or tornado damage.  We all do what we can to prevent damage to our homes but sometimes accidents, weather and part failures are out of our control; so...

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Peak Grilling Season–Grilling Safety Tips

One of my favorite evening activities this time of the year is a friendly game of corn hole followed by cooking on the grill.  To me it is a relaxing, fun way to spend time with friends.  Sometimes, I'm even surprised at how quickly friends stop by when tell them you...

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Control Humidity and Preventing Mold Growth

A lot of us look for was to conserve energy and save a few dollars on our electric bills during the summer months.  This can be easily accomplished by unplugging appliances that aren't used every day and by turning the thermostat up a few degrees while you are at work...

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